Smart Crypto Bot Changelog 10–9–2021

Do we have some news for you!

We’ve been incredibly busy working on Smart Crypto Bot to make it the best it can be and in turn have decided to change our approach in how we bring our news to you. Instead of trying to post every day, we will be posting once or twice a week depending on how much there is to share. We think this will provide a clearer image of what you can expect from Smart Crypto Bot in the coming future.

Remember our Trigger Groups system? We have now added it to our Trigger page to provide better ease of access to your set-ups! This way you can keep making Triggers which you can then put into Groups directly.

We found during our testing that keeping track of the amount of Open Positions per bot was getting a little tedious if you have a lot of bots. To mitigate this issue, we’ve made it so the amount of Open Positions is always displayed directly below the bot in question!

As per usual, with the additions of new features come new bugs; our developers and testers have been busy categorizing and dealing with them accordingly to provide a smooth user experience once Smart Crypto Bot goes live.

And finally, we have a little teaser for you; we’re working on a new design for our mobile layout

Stay tuned to find out more!

Want to learn more about Smart Crypto Bot and its functions?

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