Smart Crypto Bot Changelog 14–6–2022

Hi everyone, in this update we wish to introduce you to some new interesting features, where a few are interesting: Grid Trading, Webhooks and paper trading.

We have also partnered up with ByBit.

Grid Trading is now available on Smart Crypto Bot.

For example; you place Gride Trade perimeters between 100 and 75. When the coin is at 100 and drops to 95 the bot will buy a coin, when it drops to 90, the bot will buy the coin again. The Bot will do this until it reaches 75 or below, but when the price rises again to 95 it will sell the coin it bought for 90 and when it gets back to 100 the bot will sell the coin the bot bought for 95.

This tactic works best for a normal price volatility.

With webhooks in Triggers, you can send information to websites or apps that support them. Using these, you can setup alert systems to let you know when your bots in Smart Crypto Bot are undertaking actions, without even having SCB open in your browser!

In the below example, we’re setting up a Trigger that buys $BTC whenever the price of it drops more than 5%. Using Discord as an example, you go to your app’s webhook support section to copy the needed URL so that the webhook can obtain the information needed. From there, it will send a message in Discord once the Trigger’s condition is met!

And finally: Paper Trading

What paper trading means is that you get to practice trading strategies with “fake” money, which means there is no risk involved for any potential losses due to the nature of paper trading. How handy is that?!

Learn more about Smart Crypto Bot and its functions at:

• Check out our website here

• Check out our changelog here

• Check out our blog here

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