Smart Crypto Bot changelog 31–7–2021

Hello everyone! This week we have been working hard on automation in the Smart Crypto Bot. We have upgraded our automatic testing.

We are taking extra care in testing and have been working hard to improve it.

Furthermore the following changes has been uploaded:

  • Columns in tables are now auto updated if there are new columns
  • We have updated our profit percentage labels so now they update correctly
  • We have added the Bot Progress indicator. With this indicator you can look at your profit / loss in your current wallet. If this reached a certain threshold, it will fire.
  • Changed the Selected Coin groups to buttons
  • Added the feature where you can use Coin Groups in Triggers. This allows you to have multiple coin lists in Triggers.
  • Fixed our Sell History modal data.
  • Updated our Buy History table so you can now also see what Trigger bought positions.

We will see you next week with out next update. Check out and our social media!



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